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Origins of Wine in Calabria

The origin of vine in Calabria dates back to thousands of years ago, but it was the Greek settlers who spread its use and called Calabria as “Enotria”, which means “Land of wine”. During the Greek era, Calabrian wines were offered to the winners of the Olympic games which took place every four years in Olympia, in Greece, through the port of Sibari; the wine transported was kept in terracotta amphoras because they used to hold up to trips, that is why Greeks used to adore our wine, which mostly originated from the fertile soil of Cirò and Limbadi.

An old Spartan custom consisted in bathing newly born children in wine to make them grow strong and courageous. The best Calabrian wine is now produced in Cirò, Lamezia, Brattirò and Limbadi. WINE’s nutritional and therapeutic properties: (two glasses a day), it is known to have positive effects on our health: it lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), it increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and it inhibits platelet aggregation.

Wine is a source of polyphenols and according to scientific studies, it reduces cardiovascular diseases if drunk in moderation, they stimulate and activate digestion, they counteract the onset of gallstones, they stimulate diuresis and improve blood circulation, they stimulate the immune system and slow down cellular ageing because of certain antioxidant substances which inhibit free radicals.
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