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Typical Fresh Pasta

In Calabria, the typical fresh pasta is made with hard wheat flour and handmade by families; it is a food with an old tradition; it seems that in the past it used to be very important for women to know how to make pasta, in fact it said that men chose their brides on the bases of their ability to knead the dough.

The art of fresh pasta is still very important and it is the basic ingredient of our daily meals, whether it is dry or fresh, made with eggs or without..... There are various types of pasta: Fileja : it is a traditional Calabrian fresh pasta, handmade, handed down from generation to generation; the "Fileja" are served with tomato sauce, preferably made with fresh tomatoes, and grated Pecorino, a typical sheep’s milk cheese from Mount Poro; alternatively, it can be served with a good Calabrian hot chilli or with the famous N'duja sausage of Spilinga. · Tagghjarini: very thin handmade Tagliatelle, typical of Caroni in the municipal district of Vibo Valentia , the "Tagghjarini " can be served with fresh tomato sauce, veal minced meat and grated sweet cheese. ·

"Maccarruni": a very old dish (it seems to be dating back to Magna Graecia) which has later been spread all over Italy; it is handmade; the Maccarruni can be served with rich sauces made with goat, beef or pork, and often with grated salty ricotta (kind of cottage cheese). ·

 Pasta al forno (Baked pasta): short macaroni or layers of fresh handmade pasta served with meat sauce, meat balls, hard-boiled eggs, fried aubergines, peas and cheese, baked in a olive wood burning oven. ·

"Pitta china": it is a traditional type of pasta, still eaten today by Calabrian families; it is a handmade pie made with layers of fresh ricotta, frittuli (pigskin), soppressata (cured salami), caciocavallo (strong cheese) and boiled eggs. ·

Fusilli: they are handmade by wrapping the pasta dough around a metal stick, they are flavoured with the classic pork or goat meat sauce, the usual chilli, oil and pecorino cheese.
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