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Calabria’s Honey

Three thousand years ago, it was considered by doctors to be purifying, aphrodisiac and refreshing; honey is the oldest sweetener we have known, antitoxic, intestinal regulator and refrigerant; a different type of honey was used for each specific case: made with vegetables, fruits, cereals or flowers. Greeks considered it as the “Gods’ food”, and therefore, it represented a very important component during rituals which included votive offers. Homer describes how wild honey is collected; Pythagoras recommended it to have a long life. Romans imported great quantities of it from Crete, Cyprus, Spain and Malta. Honey is a type of food produced by Bees, that in Calabria find their untouched habitat, very rich in spontaneous vegetation; furthermore, this region is the leading producer in Italy.

Gastronomic Use: used mostly for making cakes, but also spread on bread as a snack. Therapeutic properties of various types of Honey and their characteristics. ·

Citrus Honey: it is particularly used as a tranquillizer, a sedative and adjuvant in case of insomnia; Citrus honey crystallizes a few months after being collected, its colour is almost white, it smells of orange blossom, whilst its aromatic flavour makes it one of the most appreciated table honeys.

Chestnut Honey: it favours blood circulation, it is antispasmodic, astringent, disinfectant of the urinary tract. It is advised to elderly people and children; Chestnut honey is rich in fructose and it stays liquid for a long time, its colour varies from dark amber to almost black. Its smell is strong and pervasive, its taste is pungent at first and subsequently bitter.

Eucalyptus Honey: it has an antibiotic action, it is anti-asthmatic, anti-catarrhal and useful for the cough; This honey solidifies in a short time, its colour varies from light amber to greyish beige, it has a very characteristic intense flavour and its flavour is much more refined, it seems like caramelized sugar, it is excellent as table honey;

Wildflower Honey: it has a detoxifying action on the liver; It crystallizes a few months after it has been collected, its smell and flavour varies according to flowers, just like its colour might tone down from amber to copper. It is ideal as table honey or natural sweetener;

Acacia Honey: laxative, anti-inflammatory for the throat, for digestive system pathologies, detoxifies the liver, it fights hyperchlorhydria; It stays always liquid, its colour is very light, its aroma is light and the flavour is velvety, it is excellent both as table honey and as a sweetener.

Alfalfa Honey: invigorating, anti-inflammatory, indicated for sportsmen; Alfalfa honey crystallizes a few months after being collected, its colour varies from amber to beige, its aroma and flavour are delicate, it brings to mind young wine.
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